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Whitman, Motherhood, and the Ideal Nation

My final project examines Whitman’s ideal of motherhood in relationship to his desire to create the ideal nation. I propose that women to Whitman were necessary tools in his creation of the ideal nation.   Influenced by early eugenic thinkers, Whitman needed women to fulfill his dream of creating a perfect nation of physically fit and […]

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Bibliographic Essay 2

Bibliographic Essay The following essay examines Walt Whitman’s criticism from 1973-2004 in relation to motherhood, feminism, and the woman reader.  Four articles discuss Whitman’s relationship to his mother.  Six articles debate if Whitman’s poetry reveal feminist support.  Two articles discuss Whitman’s relationship with the woman reader.  Through this, one can view the ambivalence surrounding Walt […]

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Bibliographic Essay

I don’t think that Iever submitted this … The attached represents the beginning of my search for evidence supporting/disproving Whitman’s support of the women’s rights movement. My conclusion…I need more information!bib essay

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