I am he that walks with the tender and

growing night;

I call to the earth and sea half held by the


Press close barebosomed night! Press close

magnetic nourishing night!

Night of south winds!Night of the large few


Still nodding night~ Mad naked summer


Although I was torn between these lines and those on the preceding page, “I exist as I am, that is enough” my maternal instincts guided me to choose the above. I chose not to concern myself with the gender difference for I read of Walt’s interchanging of gender in a poem .

To me, these lines represent the many wakeful nights I spent over the past 8 months caring for my newborn son, Jonah.  In the beginning, the night frightened me.  As the months progressed, however, I learned to embrace its soft beauty and cherish the invaluable time I had to nourish, love, and care for my son. Now, as I embark on my doctoral adventure, I call my thanks to the sea and earth for the opportunity to bond with Jonah and ask that I be granted strength as I commence my studies this, “mad naked summer night”!

Jonah and mommy

Jonah and mommy